The Art2Life Academy community is your place to create, connect, inspire and share with one another. We want this community to also be safe and respectful for everyone involved.

Here are the guidelines to help us build and maintain our community.


Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into our community. Please be thoughtful, especially when judging other’s artwork. We need honest feedback obviously, but offer it along with a positive idea or tip that can help lead to a solution. Critique others in a way that you would like to be. Treat everyone with care, compassion and respect.

Healthy debate about ideas is natural, and virtual communication can be tricky sometimes, but personal attacks are not acceptable. Ever. If you’re feeling upset about something another member has said, or shared, take some time before responding. If unclear about how to respond, reach out to one of our Support Team members.


This is a positive environment for creative support. Please don’t gossip or trash talk about any of our Academy members or anyone else for that matter. We don’t need to put others down even when we feel frustrated.

If you have a challenging issue, either with the program, a support team member, or any community member, resolve it directly via email or even a call. Keep it private and outside of our community.

Again, if you are unclear about how to respond reach out to one of our Support Team members.


Ask for what you need. If you want feedback, ask for it. If you’re stuck and need some ideas…ask. If you’re not getting what you need when you post, check your ask. Was it clear? If not, ask again. Always assume positive intent and reach out.

Give help to your fellow Academy members. Share what you’re working on. Share when you have figured something out, especially when others are still struggling with the same issue. Share what you’ve found. Share what challenges you. Share your wins. Cheer for others.

Keep the focus on sharing, support and encouragement. Give more than you ask…and we’ll all benefit.


Do not solicit business from other Academy Members. This is not the place for you to promote business offerings or to use the membership list as a marketing source. Please do not add Academy members to your Newsletter list. No spamming and/or violating another member’s privacy.

Postings that fall into this category will be deleted. Don’t feel badly if this happens to you. We understand it usually is inadvertent. However if this guideline is continued to be ignored it could result in your removal from the program.

If you are uncertain whether what you are sharing or asking is appropriate reach out to one of our Support Team members.


If you do decide to hire or create any contractual relationship with any of our Academy members, you do so at your own risk and outside of the framework of this program. We recommend you have clear written contracts and service agreements in place. The Art2Life Academy and/or Nicholas Wilton are not responsible for any loss of revenue, damages, breach of contract, or any other unfavorable circumstance as a result of such relationship.


If, for some reason, things are not going the way you had hoped in the program, either with the community or the program itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Support Team. We want you to have the best experience possible, but things do come up despite all our best efforts.

Please don’t take things personally. Often the intent of others is different than what you might be feeling or experiencing. If you feel no one is commenting on your post, remember that this is a large group and things move fast…it’s a lot to keep up with. So repost.

The fastest way to build connections and friendships with other community members is to be helpful. If you are, then you will be more than adequately helped in return. Try treating each other like good friends, sooner rather than later.


We really believe that everyone wants the best for each other and this program. It is in the greater interest of the larger community that we are all creating, that these guidelines are put in place.

It is critical that they are respected and followed. If, on the off chance, anyone ignores or repeatedly violates the guidelines, they will be removed from the program.

If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please contact us here at Art2Life by emailing

House Rules

This is going to be a great promotion for everyone involved.  We’ve got a great product that meets a real need in the marketplace.  With that said, it’s important that we all play by the rules in order to have the best possible expereince.  Please take the time to review the items outlined below and if you have any questions please let us know.  Or, if you feel you can’t comply with the rules outlined below, then please let us know and we’ll disable your account accordingly (it’s better to address this early rather than late right?).

1) You agree to not ask us to change commissions for a sale.

Our affiliate program is run on the industry-standard last click cookie system. We also have an experienced tech team who are ensuring everything will run smoothly.

That’s why it’s important for you to agree upfront that you won’t ask us to change affiliate commissions even if you think someone meant to sign up under your link (and they ended up signing up under someone else’s instead).

2) If the customer requests a change, we reserve the right to adjust associated commissions if necessary.

If a customer unknowingly makes an error and requests to be assigned to another partner, we reserve the right to make changes to a referrer when the customer writes in requesting such a change.

We’ll only make changes when the customer emails us requesting the change. We won’t make changes to a referrer otherwise.

3) You agree not to use our image, likeness, or brand keywords in paid advertising.

We will provide you plenty of images and swipe copy that you can use on your blog and in your communications.

However, in order to prevent confusion in the marketplace, we ask that you do not run any Facebook ads or retargeting ads using Michael’s image, brand or likeness (including Free to Focus product shots).

You also may not bid on brand keywords such as “Michael Hyatt” and “Free to Focus.” Please make sure to use these as negative keywords if you are running paid search.

You can create ads using your face, brand or likeness. You can also create ads regarding your bonus package (if you have one). But you agree not to create any ads using Michael’s face, brand or likeness or branding from the Free to Focus course, logo or product shots.

NOTE: To clarify, you can use product shots, photos, etc. in regular communication to your list and on your blog, just not in paid advertising or retargeting.

If you have any questions about this, please ask.

4) You agree to disclose that you’re an affiliate partner of Free to Focus

It’s important to be upfront and disclose that you are a promotional partner and that you will receive a commission for any sales that you refer.

It’s also a legal requirement as per FTC rules.

So you agree to be upfront in your disclosures throughout the promotion.

Thank You

Thank you for your understanding regarding our house rules for this promotion. We know it’s going to be a huge success and are thrilled to have you on board.