On this page you’ll find a ton of helpful tips and tricks for promotion CVP. We also put together a video on affiliate marketing, which we highly recommend you watch. Just click on the image below!

Below you will find several suggestions for ways in which you can promote.  Regardless of how you decide to promote, please be sure to use the links provided for you to ensure that the proper tracking is credited to you for all the sales and commissions.

Also, it is recommended you review the schedule so that you can align your promotions accordingly.

  1. Email – Hands down, email still proves to be one of the most effective ways to reach and connect with an audience.  To make it easy, you’ll find plenty of email swipe copy you can tailor for your audience in the Tools section.  More swipe materials will be added throughout the promotion for all the various freebies and giveaways so always be sure to check there first to get your creative juices flowing. You can also get our custom mailing plans (Aggressive/All-in, Balanced, and Conservative).
  2. Social Media – For fast and immediate outreach, social media can be great for spreading the word.  Again, we’ve got templates and materials ready for you in the Tools section.  The key with these will be to schedule them out in advance so that you reach a broader spectrum of your audience.
  3. Blog or Podcast – Your blog and/or podcast can be incredible tools for promotion.  So consider writing a post or dedicating an episode to talking about productivity and then driving people to the free video series.
  4. Ads – Whether it be on Facebook, Google or on your own blog, you’re welcome to use ads to drive optins through your affiliate links.  Just make sure you adhere to the House Rules outlined here.  We will also be providing a variety of blog ads (in different sizes) that you can display on your blog.  These can be found in the Tools section.

These are just a few ideas and suggestions and we definitely encourage you to use what makes sense for your audience.

With that in mind, just remember, the more you follow up, the more success you will experience.  So plan on scheduling a variety of promotional pieces to really get the most from this promotion (and to earn the most rewards from the contest!)

Best Practices to Make the Most Out Of Promoting the Assessment.

The assessment is the first entry point into the launch and doing well promoting the assessment means doing well in the launch as a whole.  With that in mind, here are some best practices for promoting the assessment!
  • Go through the assessment WITH your audience. A study was done recently that found a positive online review was just as valuable as a negative one — if the review was based on an experience that just happened…like just taking the assessment. So be sure to go through the assessment WITH your audience.
  • The one word you MUST use. The study also found that there was one word that made all the difference.  I even used it above.  The word is “just.” As in, “I just finished taking Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus productivity assessment…”
  • Share your results and takeaways. Share your results and biggest takeaway with your audience — and ask them to reply and share theirs with you. If you don’t want to share your results, that’s fine, but doing creates an interaction that greatly increases the chance they will take the assessment, and ultimately turn into a buyer.
  • Offer a bonus for taking the assessment. Tell you audience if they take the assessment and share their results with you, you’ll give them a bonus. Of course you shouldn’t offer a $500 course as a bonus, but if you have a $37 ebook or $17 report, etc. that fits with the assessment, offer that.  You could also create a quick video walking them through how to use the assessment in relation to the niche or industry that you are in.
NOTE: I always want to give credit where credit is due, so shout out to Jonathan Milligan who shared that idea with me last year during the BYE promo. IT WORKS!
Here’s some sample language you might add to your email:
Hey NAME, I just finished taking Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus productivity assessment and WOW am I impressed! 
This was really eye opening for me.  I learned that [include results/takeaways]. 
I know you will learn a lot from it as well.  Once you take the assessment, hit “reply” and let me know what YOUR biggest takeaway is from the assessment. 
Once you share your results with me I will send you [enter bonus].  
I’m blocking off some time in my calendar to read every reply and I am super excited to hear back from you! 


“I’m glad to be a part of this community which serves as a constant reminder of how badly I want to paint and make good art It is invaluable to know there is a community behind us and I feel like I’m still involved, if peripherally. And best part is that I’m still learning. I’m so glad I made the decision to continue this adventure with the Academy. It’s stressful at times, but it’s also a lifeline!”

“I am looking at all the beautiful new work posted on this site and in particular in the 1Up challenge and I am just itching to dive back in.”

“I am so thankful for the encouragement that I receive here. It really seems that I am thriving on it daily. I miss visiting here when I am away or too busy. I really don’t know how I got along before. One thing for sure, you friends are motivating me TONS.  I know I have a long way to go to get where I’d like to be, but it actually seems possible now. Sadly, I used to feel some discouragement from others’ big successes at times. I didn’t want to feel that. It was jealousy that I didn’t want to see in myself.  Now I feel that I am a part of a group that wants to help mr keep on going. Much appreciation.

“There is really nothing new that I can say that hasn’t already been said except thank you to each and every one of you. This community is a wonderful joining of hearts and souls with a common goal of growing and support each other in our journeys. Blessing to all.”

“Finally, I gave my notice to the friend I was working part-time for and starting on November 1st, I will be free to paint my heart’s content ! Yesss! I do want to add that you are all inspiring in one way or another and it may have to do something with my enthusiasm :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!”

“I just heard I’ve had a painting selected for a prominent selected exhibition!  I’m so excited! It’s with a painting I started in CVP too! The Shape of Memory. Thanks Nicholas Wilton and team, you have all made such a difference in my life. And thanks to all members too, your interactions are invaluable.”

“I knew I wanted to show my new body of work, but didn’t realize how focused and clear I would become as a result of my needing to write a statement about my intentions and feelings about this body of work. I was surprised at how clear I was. To me, my clarity points to the confidence that Nick suggested we would develop as we learn the art principles he’s been teaching us. When I became stronger in my understanding about how to create art intuitively, I became stronger in being able to describe it to others. I found people interested in my new work, and that thrilled me. It showed me that “common people” CAN tell which work is better!!!!!! They really do feel a difference. I think that is amazing, and it is enough encouragement for me, to realize that I can connect with customers on a feeling level. I’m thrilled!”

“Although gratitude is an understatement, I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for this community and everything that it stands for.  I have learned so so much from the program and from all of you who have spent their lives committed to that of being an artist.  Thank you ALL for being lighthouses on this path, providing light inside and at the end of the tunnel.”

“I have sold 21 paintings since taking the CVP class!  And have been accepted to three juried shows this fall, and am having another solo show in my small town at a coop gallery as a guest artist.  Having sold two big ones, I’m starting to feel like a real artist, lol!  Have set up my website and it’s working well.  Thanks again for for all the encouragement and words of advice!”

“Regarding the question about pulling out of the stagnation…well, I post what I am doing in the Art2Life Academy! Feedback is SO important, I think, during these times. Another thing I do, if I don’t post anything, is to read all the comments about how others are facing their challenges, and I find comfort and encouragement there.”

“I love the sentiment here in all the remarks, support, gratitude and shifting of attitude of abundance for all. Thanks to the group and Nicholas for leading us to that understanding. It is different from what I am experiencing in the art world, and I am loving this thinking. I am feeling like I am in kindergarten, learning to play with others all over again.”

“I am just catching up, listened to this on a plane returning home yesterday, and it was so powerful on so many levels. I loved the great ideas for overcoming fear and resistance, as I struggle with both. Somehow it was reassuring to know how pervasive the struggle is for everyone. We are all in this together. I love the Academy, feel so supported and enlightened. And then I return home and there is a card from NW, I was about in tears for the feeling of belonging. That is one of my life issues this go around. The belonging is what I will remember as I armor myself against the fear and resistance. Thank you for this wonderful information.”