Art2Life is about bringing your Art to Life. It turns out you don’t have to be a starving artist.
They were wrong. It was also never about having some rare, magical talent. It’s about passion.
It’s not about competition either. It’s about sharing. Resources, materials, inspiration, and most importantly, your Art.
It’s about finding what inspires and brings you joy, and making Art that is more and more like yourself.
In the end, it’s about finding a community of people. Just like you.


Building Community, Inspiration and Tools, for the Modern Artist

Sharing Ideas about Creativity, Passion and Transformation

“Thanks for saying what I needed to hear today, being a gallery artist can add an element of fear that is not my favorite thing… because this wild creative force running through me soooooo simply needs to be liberated to play! Thanks for reminding me it’s okay.” – Blog subscriber

Art2Life Workshops

We host workshops in gorgeous natural settings al over the world. Whether it is Hawaii, Bali, California, Europe or Japan, there will always be amazing food, laughter and a new community of artistic friends to meet. And, of course, this will be the perfect opportunity to reignite your creativity.

Bring the Art back into your Life. Again.

Art2Life Paint

Perfect consistency, custom colors and all in fast, easy to use squeeze bottles.


“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken”   —Dr. Seuss